Flower Pots made of EPP

flexipot by HIRSCH

The flexipot by HIRSCH is made of EPP (expandable polypropylene) and offers optimal temperature protection of the root ball due to the excellent insulating properties of the material. The outdoor season of the plants can thus be extended and wrapping the pot with jute or other materials is no longer necessary. The low weight and the high-quality stone look make the flexipot by HIRSCH an eye-catcher indoors and outdoors.

Lightweight and high quality
The flexipot is particularly light and impresses with its high-quality stone look.

Food safe
Plant vegetables and fruit in the flexipot without hesitation.

Insulating and growth promoting
The flexipot protects against heat and frost and retains moisture. Climate chamber endurance tests show a core temperature that is at least 30% more stable than conventional plastic pots. This promotes plant growth.

Super gentle & robust
The flexipot protects your floor from scratches, is shock resistant and does not crack.

100 % recyclable
At the end of its service life, dispose of your flexipot made of EPP at your nearest waste collection point.  

Made in EU

In order to enjoy the flexipot indoors as well as outdoors for a long time, the following instructions for handling and planting must be observed:

Outdoor use

1. pierce the water drainage hole (to avoid waterlogging)

2. place clay shard or flat stone on the water drainage hole

3. place 5 cm of drainage material (e.g. expanded clay balls)

4. place water-permeable fleece on the drainage material and pull up 5 cm at the edge

5. fill with soil and plant

Indoor use

1. lining of the flexipot with a waterproof foil

2. filling with drainage material, soil and planting

3. water carefully to avoid waterlogging

Note: When using the flexipot as a planter, always use a saucer! Make sure that no water remains in the flexipot itself, so that a moisture release to your precious substrate is excluded with certainty.

Brochure HIRSCH flower pots made of EPP
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